Adult Build Nights

Are you an AFOL? (Adult fan of LEGO), Are you mad about LEGO and looking for people who share your passion? Our Adult Build nights enable you to use our facilities during the evening, away from the marauding kids! Admission is available to all adults and for people of all abilities, during the evening we offer Tea, Coffee and Biscuits and almost limitless amounts of LEGO to get stuck into! We host on the first and third Thursday of every month so please make sure to either call us on XXXX or email us at to book your place.


Some of our Adult Build Nights activities include:

Build a set – We have several large and unusual sets for you to build, either on the night of spread over several weeks.

lego derby racers cars Adult Build Nights at Brickin It DoncasterBrick Derby – Race a MOC (my own creation) LEGO vehicle down our 8 foot ramp, this can get quite competitive and there’s a small prize for the winner!

Tutorials – We can run instructional nights on lots of subjects including LEGO photography, MOC (My Own Creation) building, creating stop motion LEGO films and creating your own LEGO diorama.

MOC Competition – Think you’ve got a creative streak? Don’t want to feel constrained by the instructions? Budding Master Builder? We have a huge selection of LEGO Elements for you to create to your hearts content!

Bulk Smash – We fill our bulk LEGO tables during Adult Build Nights, meaning you’ll have first rummage through the newest stock to hit them!

Competitive Builds – Fancy building a LEGO set? How about building one blindfolded, in a bag or one handed? Let your competitive side go wild as you race other AFOLs (and our staff members) to build your set!

The boring bit:

  • The minimum age to attend an Adult Build Night is 16 years old.
  • Cost to attend an Adult Build Night is £10 per person which includes refreshments and biscuits to keep you fueled throughout.
  • If you would like to bring a partner or friend, cost is just £5 extra for that person for their first visit.
  • We have lots of sets you can opt to build. Once you select to build a set that could take several weeks to build (based on 3-hours per week) you commit to come and build it. Otherwise it will be broken down for someone else to chose to build.
  • If more than one person wants to build a pool set, a lottery will be done to select a winner.
  • Only one set can be worked on at any one time. Once a set is completed a new one can be chosen.
  • There are lots of smaller sets you can build that can be easily done within the time frame of the build night.
  • Any Lego used to create a MOC or extend a MOC brought in by an AFOL can be purchased at our usual bulk price of £30 per Kg.
  • Numbers will be limited to a maximum of 15 people per evening to ensure we all have enough space to create. So reply early to ensure your space is reserved!