Lego Pokemon Brickin It Doncaster

Brickin It update

Just another quick update on our progress, or lack of it so far! Anyone walking through Waterdale recently can’t help but notice the frantic work that’s happening in the newly rebounded “Village at Waterdale”, everywhere seems to be a hub of activity, or rather everywhere apart from our little corner of the center.


Unfortunately we’re a little bit behind with starting our shop fit and it’s looking like we’ll miss our target for opening in August. That said we’re like a Duck at the moment, all calm and serene above water but we are paddling like mad below the surface. We’ve been painting our display units, checking and building countless LEGO sets, moving our shop fittings to Waterdale and buying more and more LEGO, including a memorable purchase of 15 assorted sets that had been poured into a single 20 kilogram bag of mixed up pain, that one kept us busy for a few days!


Meanwhile we’re pleased to see how well things are progressing at Waterdale (or The Village at Waterdale as it’s now known). Shops such as Rewind, Vault 14, and Notorious Aardvark are really pushing the Indie vibe in that part of town, along with Simply Ink and Taste plus the work on the new shops on Young Street is pushing on at pace, this part of town will be unrecognisable soon and hopefully we’ll be joining the revolution before too long.

Lego Pokemon Brickin It Doncaster

Finally, we’re pleased to note that The Lovers Statue (of old Arndale Center fame) is now a Pokéstop, for those not already obsessed with Pokémon Go it essentially means that a new “shop” is open in Waterdale that gives away free in-game goodies yet is invisible to the naked eye, best yet it can just be reached from the Staff of Life so you can collect Pokéballs while enjoying a nice cold pint.



We’ll continue to keep you all updated with our progress and look forward to seeing you soon!


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