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Lego facts

The word ‘LEGO’ comes from the Danish words Leg Godt meaning “play well”

A LEGO brick from 1958 would still interlock with a LEGO brick made today.

Approximately 20 billion LEGO elements (bricks) are made every year in the LEGO factory in Billund – equivalent to approximately 2 million elements an hour or 35,000 a minute.

LEGO bricks are part of a “universal system,” so that, regardless of the year it was made and the set it belongs to, each piece is compatible with existing pieces.

LEGO is the World’s biggest tyre manufacturer making roughly 318 million a year. That far exceed the total output of Michelin, Goodyear, Avon or Firestone.

Every person on earth owns on average 86 LEGO bricks.

In 1978, LEGO produced the first minifigures. Since then there has been approximately 4 billion minifigures produced – making it the world’s largest ‘nation’ by population.

In May 2013, the largest model ever created with LEGO was displayed in New York, a 1:1 scale model of an X-wing fighter made of over 5 million bricks.